Nilsa Gorey began studying Astrology back in 1983. A New Jersey native, her family relocated to Sao Paulo-Brazil during her early childhood, where she was raised and educated, eventually graduating in Journalism and Philosophy. As a professional journalist in Sao Paulo, Nilsa worked for daily newspapers and television national networks covering economics, politics, science, social issues, official visits of foreign heads of state etc., eventually winning one of the most prestigious Brazilian national prizes in Journalism, the Wladimir Herzog Human Rights Prize, for the special television documentary "The Corridors of Justice - A Portrait of the Brazilian Penal System".

Back to the US in 1986 Nilsa settled in New York City, where she established her astrological practice, collaborated as a special assignment reporter for Brazilian periodicals published here in the US, produced and anchored a television weekly news broadcast for a Portuguese speaking cable network (Radio e Televisao Portuguesa, 1991), free lanced as a voice over for Discovery Channel and worked as a sports broadcaster/voice over at television networks like ESPN, TBS-TNT, and PSN (Panamerican Sports Network), transmitting live and taped sports events to Brazil (1992-2002). As an international correspondent, Nilsa covered the 9-11 attack for a Brazilian national television network.

Nilsa Gorey is certified as a Hypnotherapist and Advanced Hypnotherapy Specialist by the New York Hypnosis Institute (1997), and as an Energy Therapist by the International Network for Alternative & Intuitive Therapies, Inc (1998), organizations recognized by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Besides giving personal astrological consultations in English and Portuguese, Nilsa Gorey utilizes her twenty years of accumulated knowledge in the field with astrological research in several sub-disciplines like Mundane Astrology, Astrocartography, and the application of Astrology to the Theory of Reincarnation.